Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wild & Humbling Wagon Workout

I decided today would be a nice day for outdoor activity. The two kids and I could enjoy the nice weather and get in some exercise. I got the brilliant idea of putting the baby in a baby carrier and my three year old in his Radio Flyer Wagon. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. It took me about 20 minutes to get little Katie in the carrier. First off, I never carried an 8 month old in it. After awhile of me cursing, threatening to throw it out the window, and playing with straps and buttons, the baby was my new appendage. Then I realized I forgot her coat and had to start all over. I waited patiently for Ryan to pack his backpack and get on his coat. There was a long struggle over getting his arms in the correct sleeves.("No Ry, you can't wear the coat with both arms in one sleeve."). Finally, we were on our way. I opened the garage to get the wagon and my son stood by the car, demanding to get in and go to school. I finally convinced him a wagon ride would be more fun. It would be for him and Katie, but not for mommy. I had fifteen pounds of extra weight from my chest to my pelvis, which kicked me the entire time. I should rename this kid "Happy Feet", since she is more than thrilled to continually kick and dance. My son tried to stand up repeatedly, and steer. So behind me I pulled 20 pounds of wagon and 30 pounds of child. Can you say PAIN? I finally got my groove a little; struggled with some uneven pavement and steep driveways, but we were doing fine. As I was about to pat myself on the back for 20 minutes of movement, I saw a woman, jogging with a twin jogging stroller, while walking her dog.

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