Friday, April 3, 2009

Picture Day Hairy Scary

I had to get down to business using hairspray,water and a brush. Not on me. On the boy. It was picture day and his hair decided not to cooperate. After out usual clothing debate, I still had the hair to attend to. As he pretended to brush his teeth, I set to work wetting the hair he had so carefully styled with his pillow last night. The more I wet, the worse it became. Ryan was even frustrated with his hair. I wipped out the hair spray. I wet again. I combed. I was working up a sweat - this was definitely my exercise for the day. Finally, with only a few strays poking out, I gave up. The weather was not about to help me either. It was pouring buckets, so I was forced to put a hood over my masterpiece. We finally get inside school and my son yanks his hood off. It was like a cartoon - hair sticking out in every direction. I can't wait to see these pictures.

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