Sunday, April 5, 2009

Diet and Exercise are a Pain In the Neck...Literally.

I wound up at the chiropractor today due to wagon/Bjorn related injuries(See previous post about the wagon workout). He went easy on me with stretching out the tough spots. We have a great chiro - he would have to be - he doesn't blink an eye when my husband rips one while getting adjusted. Maybe Doc M doesn't have an olfactory nerve either, which would also help in that situation.
Speaking of my husband, he was the reason my son peed in his shoes yesterday. Darling husband was in a hurry to get to a fantasy baseball draft (fantasy for him, nightmare for me) and attempted to change the 3 year old's diaper. His effort was a waste, since he didn't put the diaper on correctly. Five minutes after he walked out the door, I hear a sound like water hitting the floor and then the famous,"Uh Oh!". So I had to clean my son, the floor, his pants, socks and shoes. Thanks Dear!
Anyway, I digress....How is my diet a pain in the neck? Could it be the whiplash I sustained while spotting a KFC and demanding my husband stop to pick up dinner? You bet my big biscuit & extra crispy arse it is!

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