Saturday, August 2, 2008

Book of the Day

You On A Diet by Dr. Oz
Very informative, maybe a little too much on the sicientific side....I fell asleep reading it.
Nothing new to learn here, but helpful to diet novices.

Check out US magazine for info on meal delivery for post partum mamas. If you can afford to do this, it might be a big time saver as far as meal prep is concerned when having a newborn to manage.

Baby Fat...No, just Mama Fat!

Let's go back about two years. I had just delivered my first child, as son, via C-section. I was finally able to assess the 'damage' I had done to my body during those eight months of gestation. I was hoping to deliver at least a twenty pound baby, but no such luck. I think there was a part of me that beleived I would jump right back in to my pre-pregnancy clothes. That was not to be. Fifty pounds gained on a five foot frame is no joke. The ride was fun while it lasted. Four bowls of Cheerios every morning, sometimes a fifth if I burped and made room. Let's not forget the gallons of ice cream I consumed during those heavenly months. I actually had a fight with my huband at a popular ice cream chain because they charged five bucks to 'pack' a gallon of their ice cream for you. I won that battle, but in the end, the ice cream took up residence on my thighs. I had no post pregnancy plan of attack for weight loss. That was fine at first, since I had no room in my stomach post surgery, since it was filled with gas and air. I had no appetite and any fart or burp I managed became cause for celebration. When I decided to get serious about a month after delivery, I turned to Weight Watcher Online for guidance. I managed to lose about thirty of the fifty pounds and then became lazy. Fast forward two years, another baby, and I am back at square one. I am trying WW Online once again to see how I do.