Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Orange. Lots of Orange

Well, I have an appointment next month to get some 'suspicious' moles looked at on my back. I am not a sun worshiper, use sunscreen, and burn pretty easily. But for some insane -o reason, I decided to use a self tanner this year instead of being pale all spring and summer. I did my research and drug store brand won out. Now, I have read hundreds of articles on how to apply the lotion, so you'd think I would be an expert, right?WRONG. SO WRONG. I did the basics - clean & exfoliate skin. Check. Remember to wash my hands in between applying? NOPE. Carefully apply to ankles, knees and elbows? NOPE. Put it on evenly? NOPE. I must add pictures to this post because you have to see it to believe it. Orange palms, one white knee, one orange knee, streaky thighs and arms, & crazy ankles. My husband first called me 'yellow' and once it totally set - 'sparkly orange', thanks to the bronzing crystals in the lotion. This is a must see to believe. Before I undo the damage, I will include some pictures for you all to laugh at :)

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