Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who is Your Body Inspiration?

I see girls and women who idolize the stick thin celebrity. I can't do that in all good conscience. First of all, I am not built to be stick thin. I have curves. And an ass. A big one. I have found in the long run that my idols should be women who are built like me and look healthy. And by stating I have a big ass, I feel that I must say J-LO is not much of an inspiration to me. It's not because of her body, it's just that I am not a fan. My inspiration? Jessica Biel (at least for this week). She has an amazing, healthy, toned figure. She looks great in anything she wears. Our bodies are NOT quite comparable(even if I spent all day working out, I still would not look like her), but the 'idea' of her figure is what inspires me.

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