Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurt Myself Falling Off The WAGON.....

Two big mistakes yesterday - making cookies and having dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Well, you know how one cookie turns into two, then by the time you realize it, you've eaten five? That's how it started yesterday. I made those pre-cut sports themed sugar cookies. I made them for my son and ended up eating a ton of them yesterday. They had little soccer balls and footballs on them, which actually appeared in my nightmare last night. I don't know if I dreamed about them because I crammed two of them in my face before bed, or because of the guilt I felt from eating them. Cheeseburger in Paradise - where do I begin? Popcorn shrimp, hamburger, fries, and a sangria........ probably the worst I have been since starting this diet. Once the meal is in front of me, I can't stop eating. That happens a lot when I am out to dinner with friends and we're chatting. I did it last night and ate pretty much all the fries. Fries are a HUGE trigger food for me. I can't say I can avoid them entirely, but I would like to learn more self control around them. I didn't start this blog with the intention of abusing myself over what I have eaten, but I do feel that I should be honest when I have had my weak moments. It's a new day and I am ready to start again. Just have to slow the wagon down so I can hop back on!!!!

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