Friday, January 1, 2010

Pesto Pasta with Chicken and Roma Tomatoes

Welcome to 2010! After a few week absence, I am back and ready to roll. Tops on my resolution list? Finding new and healthy recipes to make.  This particular recipe was something I threw together on one of those evenings when I had to make due with whatever I had in the house. Once in awhile, I stock up on packet marinades at the supermarket since I find they are a great fix to break up meal boredom. In my shopping travels, I came across a pesto sauce packet and decided to add it to my meal repertoire. I also had some left over Roma tomatoes in the fridge, defrosted chicken, and pasta, on hand. This all gelled together to make one of the best and healthiest meals we have had in awhile. It's particularly easy to make for someone who is always on the run and makes awesome leftovers -cold! Happy New Year and Good Eating to all!!!

Pesto Pasta with Chicken and Roma Tomatoes(Serves 2 adults and two tiny kids)
1 packet of pesto sauce (I used Lawry's or McCormick)
2 8-10 oz boneless chicken cutlets
2-3 Roma tomatoes, roughly cut
3 TBSP Olive Oil
1/2 box(8oz) of Penne pasta
Salt and pepper to taste

Prepare pesto and pasta as directed on package and combine. Add oil to medium pan and heat. Once heated, add tomatoes. Cook until soft. Add cutlets to pan and cook until done. Slice cutlets into strips. Combine pasta, chicken and tomatoes and toss. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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